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David Barr on Live Compliance Training [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub For years most of the focus on compliance training has been focused on web-based programs.  While there is much discussion about issues like the use of comedy in that training, or whether it should be a full hour or just a few minutes, there is relatively little talk about when is […]

2018 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: My First Compliance Institute

By Carl Russell Overwhelmed. That’s the word. That’s what I’m feeling from my first HCCA Compliance Institute. The classes Sunday found me furiously taking notes, worried I would miss a key concept or new piece of information. Monday I discovered the slide sets were available through the app and could be emailed to my work. […]

2018 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: Trying Something New

By Caryn Weferling Last year, as a first-time attendee at the HCCA Compliance Institute, I was a bit overwhelmed with so much information, education, sights, and sounds. As a second-time attendee attender at the HCCA Compliance Institute this year, I decided to try something new – Speed Mentoring! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but […]

First in HR: Know Your Numbers in Hiring

By Ashley Lipman Outreach Manager Before making a hire, it is essential for hiring managers and human resources to crunch some numbers and understand the costs associated. Some costs will be fixed based on your business needs; others will be variable depending on who you choose to hire. Employee turnover and replacement can cost the […]

Carrie Penman on Hotline & Incident Benchmarking [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub NAVEX Global recently released its 2018 Ethics & Compliance Hotline and Incident Management Benchmark Report, which leverages their database of helpline/hotline calls and other incident data.  In 2017 the company logged approximately 900,000 reports, which it used for this analysis. Compliance veteran Carrie Penman, who serves as the company’s Chief Compliance […]

C is for Compliance

Copyright © 2018 by Barney Rosenberg President, Ethics Line, LLC™ OK, this is kind of a touchy point with ethics practitioners.  So I am going to vent a little.  You’ll see why in a sentence or two and then you can weigh in with what you think about it. I was talking to a […]

SCCE’s New Data Governance Conference

By Gerry Zack Incoming CEO, SCCE & HCCA It seems like every day there is something else to think or worry about in the cyber world.  Whether it’s the misuse of data, a ransomware attack, hacking, or protecting trade secrets, it’s hard not to read something about it these days. Likewise, for compliance professionals, it’s […]

2018 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: Networking…A Must at HCCA

By Harald Upegui A few weeks ago, I was getting excited to attend my third HCCA conference. Now that I am here, I am feeling more connected to the Compliance Program and the industry. I am a firm believer of networking. It provides value to the learning process and an opportunity to share our knowledge. […]

Zuckerberg’s Capitol Hill Visit Highlights Need for Robust Compliance Program

By Mark Speck Partner at Specktrum, Inc. Never was the importance of having a robust compliance program more apparent than during Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to the US Senate’s Commerce and Judiciary committee on Tuesday to discuss data privacy and Russian disinformation on Facebook. On the Capitol Hill stage, Facebook’s founder and CEO struggled to represent […]

2018 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: Never Gets Old

By Tomi Hagan Welcome back to Las Vegas, Compliance Institute attendees! The excitement and anticipation surrounding this conference never gets old. Knowing that I am going to reconnect with friends and colleagues I have met over the years, network and make new connections, and spend time celebrating this great profession make the preparation and stress […]

B is for Bribery (Actually Anti-Bribery)

Copyright © 2018 by Barney Rosenberg President, Ethics Line, LLC™ After a modest dinner with a foreign supplier, you are driving him to the modest hotel you booked for him.  He hops out at his hotel and as he is closing the car door, he says: ‘I left something for you on the back […]

Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: Toshiba CEO Promises Turnaround in Five Years, Beefed up Ethics

Examining ethics and compliance issues in business since 1987 Toshiba CEO promises turnaround in five years, beefed up ethics By Yuri Kageyama   for The Associated Press Kurumatani, the first outsider to be appointed chief executive at Toshiba in more than half a century, acknowledged the system of governance and risk management had been weak. He stressed […]

Jackie Robinson Day 2018

By Adam Turteltaub This coming Sunday, April 15, baseball will celebrate Jackie Robinson Day.  It is now an annual event, commemorating the day in 1947 when Robinson first took the field as a Brooklyn Dodger.  Every player on every team will wear his number 42 across their back. For those of us in business, […]

Tom Topolski and Eric Feldman on Making the Relationship with a Corporate Monitor Work [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub Your organization has just reached a settlement with the government, and you have a corporate monitor.  Making that relationship work is essential not just for meeting the terms of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.  It’s also essential for coming out of the monitorship with a much stronger compliance and ethics program. Eric […]

Facebook and the Coming Wave of Litigation

Photo Credit: South China Morning Post By Sascha Matuszak Reporter, SCCE|HCCA Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent five hours answering questions from a revolving cast of senators yesterday. His testimony concerned the Cambridge Analytica data breach, which compromised the personal data of more than 80 million people. Congress is reviewing new regulations governing how tech companies […]

The Cost of Compliance – and Why Organizations Neglect It

By Tim Mullahy Liberty Center One Given how sensitive healthcare data can be, you’d expect hospitals and similar organizations to place the utmost importance on keeping it safe. So why does it seem like so many slack off? Healthcare organizations know a lot about us, sometimes more than we know about ourselves. And when that […]

What Does Brexit Mean to Brethics?

By J. Rollins ETHIX360 CEO Clearly there is a lot of political fallout over Great Britain’s recent vote to exit the EU – for days after the vote it dominated the news cycles.  We all heard both the fear and support of the decision by the British people.  We heard about immigration, defense, monetary policy […]


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