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Top 5 Characteristics That Demonstrate a Strong Work Ethic

By Jacob Dillon Distinctive Journalist Any good employer-employee relationship operates on strong work ethics. If there are no ethics, there’s barely someone speaking the truth. A promise such as “I will definitely hand you the report tomorrow, Sir,” must be accompanied by the action of finishing that report by tomorrow. Making empty promises or not […]

Milos Stopic on Due Diligence in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub While there is much discussion of the challenges in due diligence and third-party vetting in China, Russia and Africa, the risks and challenges don’t end there.  As Milos Stopic, Compliance & Ethics Officer, Middle East and Eastern Europe for Louis Berger International explains, when doing business in Eastern Europe and the […]

Compliance When Nobody is Watching

  Margaret C. Scavotto, JD, CHC President, Management Performance Associates Everyone knows an effective compliance program needs policies, training, leaders, audits, reporting, investigations, corrective action and discipline. You probably already have these elements in place. You have policies and training to help your employees do the right thing. You have audits to verify that your […]

The Fonzie…er ah…Ponzi Scheme

By Jennifer L. Abernathy, Esq., CAMS Chief Compliance Officer & Associate General Counsel Millennium Trust Company, LLC Even after years of hearing the term Ponzi scheme, my mind automatically turns to “Fonzie” every time I hear it.   Visions of Fonzie in his leather jacket dance in my head to the tune of Happy Days (“Sunday, […]

Andre Bywater on GDPR After the Implementation Deadline [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub May 25, 2018 was the deadline for companies to comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and for many organizations, it was a very long slog just getting there. Andre Bywater of Cordery Compliance warns, though, that it’s best not to think of that date as an endpoint.  […]

My Organization’s HIPAA Data Got Hacked, Now What?

By Brandon Schroth Digital Manager, Gilware Data Recovery You’ve been hacked, and electronic protected health information (ePHI) has been exposed. You have certain compliance requirements, and there are also (intertwined with the needs of compliance) reasonable steps to halt the compromise and protect your patients. You may be working with managed service partners who want you […]

Organizational Justice as a Key Metrics of Ethical Culture

By Vera Cherepanova What are the right measures to determine whether ethics and compliance (‘E&C’) initiatives really work? This task may still be daunting for many organizations. In fact, the lack of effective measurement tools may be one of the reasons why companies keep investing more and more in compliance and yet do not get […]

A Simple Way to Explain the Difference Between Legal and Compliance

By Ricardo Pellafone Founder, Broadcat “Wait, so are you like the legal team?” How many times have you received that question? And how well do you think your answers have gone over? Probably not very well. Because a lot of the traditional (and correct) answers to that question either get overly technical or stay so […]

Continuing Education – An Invaluable Asset in the Global CCO’s Toolkit

By Sunny McCall, JD, LLM, Director, Compliance Training & Accreditation, TRACE International, Inc. In today’s global regulatory and enforcement environment, one aspect is clear – change is certain. As nations around the globe continue to evolve, sparking change in all forms – political, economic and regulatory – it is critical to the long-term success of today’s multinational […]

Suzanne Bullitt on Tariffs, Sanctions and Trade Compliance [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and similar anti-corruption laws around the globe get the lion’s share of attention, but as the Wall Street Journal recently reported, sanctions accounted for 56% of fines in the last ten years, totaling $26 billion worldwide. Suzanne Bullitt, who is Director, Global Trade Strategy & […]

2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute Guest Blogs: Repeat Attendee

By DeAnna Nwankwo What is it that keeps me coming back to the CEI year after year? I have been attending the CEI since 2009. I have witnessed firsthand the growth in attendance. Attending this conference is one of the highlights of my year. I always look forward to seeing 1800+ of my closest friends […]

2018 Compliance & Ethics Guest Blogs: Untitled

By Jessica French I am a “Newbie” here at the SCCE Conference and am very grateful for the opportunity. Having excellent networking opportunities is a must and that is definitely happening here at the SCCE Conference. All of the speakers I have heard thus far are extremely knowledgeable about their subject matter, kudos to the […]

2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute Guest Blogs: Would Not Have Missed it!

By Richella Abell-Hawes Have you ever wondered whether you would benefit from attending the SCCE Conference? Well, let me tell you that this is my first time attending. My experience has been amazing. Having the opportunity to network and meet and commiserate with compliance officers from all over the world is priceless. You will not […]

2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute Guest Blogs: SCCE Conference

By Adonisa Mast This is my first time at the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics Institute, there are some really great exhibits to see at the Compliance and Ethics exhibit booths. I really enjoyed the networking hour. I thought there were great food and drinks. I got a chance to meet some really great folks […]


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