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By Alexandra Almy Roy Snell’s jeans and running shoes set the tone at SCCE’s European Compliance and Ethics Institute 2015: Unassuming. From the perspective of an exhibitor, the organizers’ approach to all participants – whether delegates or service providers – has been equal. And the truth is that we all do form a part […]

Ready to Speak…

By Kristy Grant-Hart My stomach is in knots, I’m reminding myself to breathe properly, and in my mind I hear, “Why do I keep applying to do this?” I’m leading a session that starts in five minutes, and I’m a little bit terrified. Several months ago I decided I wanted to speak on how […]

Great Sharing At ECEI

By Alphie Moran We’ve just enjoyed one of the most interactive sessions of the 2015 ECEI Conference with Katinka Tattersall. Her passion for this important area, and the way that she seamlessly involved the audience to get them to share their experiences really helped to get a better understanding of this ‘Hot Topic’. This […]

The Naked King and the Whistleblower

By Luis Alvia Suarez One of the childhood fairy tales that I remember is that one of a medieval king who was cheated by three dirty scoundrels, hiring their services for making a suit whose main wonder, besides the rich fabrics, was that it could not be visible to the eyes of those who […]

Future Data Breaches: What to do Now so You’ll Know What to do Then

By Kristy Grant-Hart From Compliance & Ethics Professional, a publication for SCCE members. You wake in a cold sweat from every compliance officer’s nightmare: In your dream, you saw that 10,000 of your customers’ credit card numbers and names were published on the Internet. Or worse, that your customers’ private member profiles, including sensitive information […]

Setting Up A Helpline in Europe: A Solvay Case Study

Live from the European Compliance & Ethics Institute by Kortney Nordrum, Esq., CHC, CCEP Presentation by Katinka Tattersall, Former Head of Ethics and Compliance, Solvay Author’s Note: Solvay S.A. is a Belgian chemical company founded in 1863, with its head office in Neder-Over-Heembeek, Brussels, Belgium; with 119 sites and 26,000 people in 52 countries. Helplines are not the […]

Social Media Risk Management: A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Appropriate Use

By Emily Hess From Compliance Today, a publication for HCCA members Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogging can provide minute-by-minute updates about each person’s or entity’s day. By using social media, healthcare providers or corporations can almost instantly promote their services to friends and potential clientele. Although social media serves an important role in marketing and socializing, it […]

Data Security Technology 101 for Compliance Professionals – Live from SCCE’s European Compliance & Ethics Institute

by Kortney Nordrum, Esq., CHC, CCEP Presentation by Dr. Jessica Barker, Jonathon Armstrong, David Longford, Freaky Clown aka FC “…in 2005 Facebook didn’t exist for most people, “twitter” was still a sound, the cloud was something in the sky, 3G was a parking space, applications were what you sent to colleges, and “Skype” was a typo.” –Thomas Friedman […]

Crisis: Forgetting Ethics Has a Human Face

By Paul P. Jesep, JD, MPS, MA From ethikos magazine Nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and corporations of all sizes, whether mandated by law or as a matter of best practices, expend enormous resources on ethics training, as well as developing and implementing codes of conduct. Whether you evaluate Wall Street shenanigans, or ethical missteps in smaller […]

Ethikos Weekly Editor’s Picks – March 27, 2015

If You Thought Your Morals Were Unshakeable, This Study Proves Otherwise Carolyn Gregoire of The Huffington Post: Is it ever OK to cheat on your spouse? Is murder ever justified? You may think your decisions are based on unshakeable moral convictions — but your moral decisions may be simply a result of where you’re looking at […]

What is Treating Employees with Respect Worth?

By Art Weiss From Compliance & Ethics Professional, a publication for SCCE Members Treating employees with respect and dignity is, or should be, a basic element of any compliance and ethics program.  Organizations that don’t are likely to need to deal with many more violations of their code of conduct, allegations of theft, harassment claims, […]

Risk Assessment and Internal Controls Presentation

By Stephanie Gallagher, JD In this presentation from the 2011 Audit and Compliance Committee Conference, Kelly Nueske does a thorough job of identifying key internal and external risks that organizations face, and outlines risk assessment and internal controls considerations. I thought this presentation may be beneficial to anyone who is currently thinking about conducting a risk assessment […]

Are You Wasting Time with Appeals?

By Marian Ses Howe, RNC From Compliance Today, a publication for HCCA Members Are writing appeals to payers who have denied reimbursement a waste of your company’s time and resources? As a compliance professional, perhaps the better question to ask is: “Why are claims being denied in the first place?” Payers reject claims for many […]

Bottom Gear

By Adam Turteltaub As a fan of BBC’s Top Gear, I’m very sad today.  As a part of the compliance community, though, I am pleased. The BBC has decided to sack long-time Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson after a reported “fracas” with a producer that landed the producer in an emergency room. This was […]

Are We All Really Just Unconscious?

By Stephen Paskoff We all make quick decisions, sometimes unaware that we’ve even made them. But unless we’re part of the walking dead, the majority of our actions include conscious thoughts on issues like what type of careers we’ll pursue, who will be our friends, or where we’ll live. The same is true in […]

SCCE/HCCA Reaches 15,000 members

By Roy Snell This milestone and growth of membership has a big impact on our effort to help the profession speak for itself. We have a lot of people trying to speak for compliance professionals, define the role and define the function of a compliance program.  It’s not always helpful.  Every year it gets […]

Decree No. 8,420 Provides Regulation to Brazil’s Clean Companies Act

By Stephanie Gallagher, JD On March 18, 2015, Brazil’s President, Dilma Roussef, signed Decree No. 8,420[i], regulating the 2014 Clean Companies Act. This long-awaited decree is part of new anti-corruption legislation that is being carried out by the Brazilian federal government. The Decree outlines the process for imposing administrative liability on legal entities for […]

March Madness Preventing Criminal Conduct

By Kimberly Silva Tweet Kimberly @KimberlySSilva March Madness is in full swing at our home.  NCAA Tournament apps are on every portable electronic device (including mine). My two sons sport their Under Armour® gear telling them to PROTECT THIS HOUSE ®. This year’s tournament reminds me of Chapter 8 of the US Sentencing Guidelines Manual […]

How’s That CEASE-FIRE Workin’ Out For Ya?

By Donna Boehme, Contributing Editor Remember not too long ago, when a law firm partner and self-proclaimed “governance expert” openly called for a “Cease-fire” in the long-running debate about Compliance 1.0 (Compliance as a captive arm of Legal)?[1]  It went something like this: “Hey Compliance, stop dissing our preferred Compliance 1.0 model!  We don’t […]

How to Avoid Ruining Your Code of Conduct

By Roy Snell We don’t have a problem with tone at the top, we have problem communicating the tone at the top.  And one of the great missed opportunities is the code of conduct.  They are too long and complicated.  I have never agreed with the consensus on the structure, purpose and development process […]


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