2015-09-15 Macau University of Science and Technology School of Continuing Studies and the HKLPA jointly offer Executive Diploma Course

Photo: Mr Raymond WONG, Program Director SCS MUST (left) and Mr Tony HAR, Senior Vice President of HKLPA at the Contract Signing Ceremony

The Macau University of Science and Technology, School of Continuing Studies (SCS MUST), has entered into partnership with the HKLPA in offering an Executive Diploma in Loss Prevention Officer course.  It's first class will take place at the SCS MUST's campus from end-November 2015 to mid-March 2016 covering the six major areas based on the HKLPA Loss Prevention Framework.  Tony HAR, Senior Vice President of the HKLPA represented the association at the Contract Signing Ceremony at the SCS MUST.

Graduates from this course are eligible for Certified LPO® subject to membership terms.



Related links:  http://www.must.edu.mo/en/scs-en/course/diploma-certificate-programs/course11(SCS, MUST)

                       http://goo.gl/6E9Acj (HKLPA Loss Prevention Framework)

                       http://goo.gl/uSZcMI (Course Flyer in Chinese)


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