2015-10-31 Special Seminar and Briefing on 2015-12-05 ahead of LPO Course in Macau

HKLPA Honorary Vice President Jessica LAW

Photo above: Jessica LAW, Honorary Vice President, Hong Kong Loss Prevention Association

The Hong Kong Loss Prevention Association (HKLPA) will conduct a special seminar and briefing ahead of the Executive Diploma in Loss Prevention Officer course jointly organized with the SCS, MUST (School of Continuing Studies, Macau University of Science and Technology).  The event will take place at SCS MUST's campus on 2015-12-05 Saturday 1430-1600 hours (see this link in Chinese).

HKLPA Honorary Vice President Jessica LAW, will join hands with President Dickie CHAU for a brief talk on Enterprise Loss Prevention, Loss Prevention Officer as a profession and its certification, followed by an introduction to the LPO course.   Jessica LAW, who earned an MBA degree from the UK, has been a founding member of the HKLPA.  She is now a director of GTM and Companies Ltd and ICT Linked Ltd - innovation and technology facilities management.



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