[2016-03-11] Macau Seminar received overwhelming responses and enquires on the LPO Programme

HKLPA's Working Team with MUST's Course Director Raymond WONG (Third from Right)

Picture above: HKLPA Working Team with MUST's Program Director Raymond WONG (Third from Right)



               HKLPA's President Dickie CHAU, joined by Hon. SVP CK CHO and Honorary Director of Infringement Protection Louis LEE, conducted a special seminar in Macau on 2016-03-10 evening which received overwhelming responses from enterprises from various business sectors, including banking in Macau.  The seminar took place at School of Continuing Education, Macau University of Science and Technology (SCS, MUST) where the three speakers gave introductory notes on hot topics including fraud risk management and money laundering.

                  The classroom was full of laughters especially in the joyful part by CK CHO, who kicked off the seminar and shared his tens of years real life experiences in anti-corruption.  Louis LEE is a retired Hong Kong Customs and Excise Superintendent and a part-time university lecturer.  He will also teaches in the Loss Prevention Executive Diploma course.


Picture below: Hon. SVP CK CHO kicked off the seminar

Picture below: Louis LEE (standing) at the seminar



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