What are Loss Prevention Professionals?

Who are Loss Prevention Professionals? Where and who are they? What do they do?

Those people who undertake to protect their clients from losses, monetary or otherwise, resulting from fraud, theft, deception, corruption, damage, breach, attack, piracy, disruption, wastage, accident, non-performance,non-payment, sickness or death should be regarded as Loss Prevention Professionals.  Where are these people? 

They are many industries where they provide services to clients in a way or another to prevent losses, in monetary or other terms.  Loss prevention is most commonly known in Retails, but there are other industries where loss prevention is no less popular, such as Logistics.  Who are these people?


Broadly speaking, many people are dealing with and preventing losses, e.g. IT Managers, Security Officers, Risk Managers, Property Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Event Planning Managers, Accountants, Auditors, Insurers, Adjusters, Surveyors, Compliance Officers, Safety Officers and so forth.  They are Loss Prevention Professionals.  Are there others?

Many others like Barristers, Lawyers, Consultants, Investigators, Fraud Examiners, Engineers, Transport Managers and Law Enforcement Officers who are doing loss prevention practices, and a lot more, are Loss Prevention Professionals.





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